5 Things That I Don’t Let My Kids Do & Kind Of Feel Bad About But Not Really

Have you ever watched a movie or television show with the one kid whose mother makes them wear a helmet when walking or makes sure their child is always carrying a first aide kit or Epipen and their kid doesn’t even have allergies?

I am definitely not that extreme but sometimes I can be a little anal about certain things, probably because I spent the better part of both pregnancies watching too much 20/20, America’s Most Wanted, Lifetime, and the TLC channel. With that being said, I probably am depriving my children of certain childhood experiences but I’m pretty sure they’ll be just fine and in the end I can sleep at night.

So here are 5 things that I don’t let my kids do, and kind of feel bad about, but not really…

1. Play in any fast food play places

This is a no brainer for me. Hearing horror stories about used needles being found in the ball pit to watching a Nightline Edition episode of the amount of bacteria and diseases they found when they conducted tests, makes these very revolting and something I would rather not expose my child too. Besides, we all know everyone’s kid pees and poops in those things at some point or another, and do you really see those McDonald’s employees getting on their hands and knees and scrubbing those things down? They can’t even manage to remember I want extra special sauce, I doubt their going all Monk on those play places. As a child myself, I don’t remember playing in them more than once or twice and I had a pretty decent childhood, so they’ll survive.

2. Play outside alone

Our backyard isn’t fenced in yet, so when we take the kids out we play in front of the house. I’ve touched on this before and there’s always  handfuls of children on our block and surrounding ones playing for hours without anybody watching them. I can’t bring myself to let me kids do that. When my daughter wants to play outside, I have to go out with her and watch her. There’s enough creeps out there for all of our kids and I’m not about to let any one of them near mine, no matter how nice of a neighborhood we live in. Besides, it only takes a minute for a kid to run across the street and get hit by a car or something. That may seem far fetched but I got run over by a car when I was a child and my daughter isn’t exactly the most observant so this is very likely for her. Besides, I have to make sure she doesn’t play with the kids who I don’t like that live down the street, because I’m pretty sure they’re middle school versions of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

3. Ride those shopping carts shaped like trucks

You know when you go to a store they have those car or truck shaped shopping carts where kids can sit in them and steer? Again, it’s a germ thing. I’m not the perfect mother so I don’t have Clorox wipes handy all the time and not all stores have those handy dispensers so I skip them and promise her we can ride them some other day. At this point you may think I’m a germaphobe but my house is way to messy to confirm that. Not to mention, they’re the most inconvenient carts ever. I have let her ride in them before and they’re big, bulky, and makes you the drunk driver of Jewel with everyone giving  you evil glares for bumping into every corner display you pass.

4. Sleepovers & Play dates at strangers houses

This is not to say that she will never have play dates or sleepovers ever. She’s had both, but with family or close friends. This is mostly with neighborhood kids or friends she will make once she starts school this month. If we’re not related and you want our kids to have a sleepover at your house and I have never met you, I’m going to need your social security number, 5 references, license plate number, and a vile of your blood. I’m surprised when Sophia’s friends who live on our block just walk right into our house when she invites them over. What if I was a kidnapper? Serial killer? In a sex traffic ring? Or worse, a vegan with nothing but healthy treats! It seriously baffles me, watch some Lifetime people!

5. Halloween

This one is entirely for religious purposes. I was a pastors kid who grew up in an extremely religious family and it is just embedded in my heart and no matter how hard I try I can’t bring myself to let my kids do it, no matter how much I want them to, I just can’t do it with a clean conscious. I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything growing up because my parents would substitute it with a trip somewhere during that time and I was in private school so I wasn’t the odd kid out and there was no pressure. If my kids wants to dress up in costumes, they can do that every day, they don’t need a holiday to do it. If you don’t make it a big deal, your kids won’t think it is. Besides, I would probably worry myself sick thinking about my kids eating stranger candy. I would probably end up chewing it all to make sure it was safe and then feeding them the half masticated chocolate like a bird feeds her baby birds.

So, in conclusion, you probably think I’m hypocritical because of my last post, just plain crazy or awesome. If you guessed awesome, you’re right. But every parent has their quirks, either due to how they were raised or past experiences and no other parent has a right to judge, unless you’re me, then I will judge you every day all day  because I have this blog and that’s what I do to make myself feel better.




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